What are some students and clients saying about our training sessions?


For years living in downtown Toronto I’ve always looked for different activities to keep in shape.  Many have been and remain enjoyable, but show minor results when it comes to getting in shape.  I stumbled across Warren’s kickboxing classes just over 6 months ago, searching again for a new, intense form of exercise.  Not only did I find an extremely enjoyable and intense workout, but I found a class and gym that I respect, look forward to, and consider a staple in my day-to-day living in Toronto.  In that time I have leaned down considerably on fat, increased my endurance and stamina (in class, but also in everyday life), and overcome the panic and anxiety that I had frequently felt.  Changes become noticeable immediately.  Plus, with a real gravitational desire to attend the classes, diet and lifestyle tend to naturally adapt for the positive.  I’ve been a member in many other gyms, but only this one seems to offer the intensity and push I require in one, while lacking the normal “gym” pretension. I am very thankful and don’t know where I would be without it.
Steve Puchalski, Actor/Musician <http://www.stevenpuchalski.com>

As a personal trainer it is my job to facilitate my clients’ workouts; optimizing their time spent in the gym by designing programmes which focus on their individualized fitness goals while allowing them to push past their perceived boundaries and achieve maximal results. After fifteen years of managing my own exercise routines, training both for athletic endeavors and general fitness, I found myself sinking into a rut. I set out seeking a new focus that would teach me a varied skill set and challenge my abilities. This search led me to TKMT. Upon completion of my first kickboxing class I was instantly exhilarated. The workout was dynamic and intense, yet the environment was open and friendly. The class was demanding but there is a contagious energy surging though out the gym that helps carry you past the lactic acid burn and feeling of fatigue. Likewise, the instructors are diligent and patient, motivating without demeaning. Furthermore, after having attended classes regularly, I have found this type of training doesn’t inhibit the work I continue to do in the weight room, but compliments it, creating a synergy through which I’ve been able to raise my absolute fitness level higher than I ever before achieved. I have recommended TKMT to colleagues, friends and clients as I believe anyone, regardless of their current fitness level, can benefit form this type of workout. Most who’ve heeded my advice found themselves addicted to the feeling of empowerment and euphoria that comes as a product of the intense exercise experienced at TKMT.
Steve Vrbancic, Personal Trainer, The Wellington Club

When I first started doing Muay Thai with Warren around a year ago I was completely out of shape and could barely complete the warm up. Through Warren's careful, patient and intense instruction, I not only now consider myself physically in shape but have gained insight into a fascinating martial art in the process. Thanks to Warren's training, I have been inspired to travel to Thailand this summer to train in Muay Thai. Of course, I will miss his classes while I'm gone!
Sandon Shogilev, Attorney-at-Law, Goodmans LLP
I spent 13 years in heavy weight training. For the last five years, my weight sat consistently between 230 - 240 lbs. I was big and powerful. However, I was told by doctors and used my own logic to determine that it was time to drop some weight as my bones and tendons could no longer support the muscle mass. Once I made my decision to lose the weight, I did some research and discovered that kickboxing was the tool that I would use not only to lose my mass, but to acquire other benefits such as increasing my strength, improving my speed and learning self-defense. Thanks to Warren's kickboxing classes, I lost 25 lbs in five weeks! In addition, I maintained my strength in certain muscles and increased it in all other areas. Now I look and feel great and much more confident in everything that I do. Thanks Warren!
Shahbaz, Bodybuilder and Bouncer
Warren takes you to the extreme . . . just when you think you have nothing left, he finds a way to get more out of you. After it's over, there's a real sense of accomplishment.
David Elsner, Consultant,
DHE Consulting <http://www.dheconsulting.net>
I love it! I used to box and have always been active, but I find that Warren's training is great at exercising the whole body (legs, arms, abs, etc.) As a competitive dancer and instructor, I find that the techniques and conditioning from kickboxing really helps my game.
Oscar Naranjo, Salsa instructor, Latin Energy Dance Company
I am an avid Kendo practitioner and competitor. I have been looking for a suitable sport to cross-train in, and found Warren and kickboxing. Thanks to his classes, I have increased my stamina and shed some pounds at the same time. In addition, I find that I'm a lot faster and sharper than before, and developed greater endurance. Training at Warren's classes has been very successful in pushing my Kendo performance to the next level.
Paolo Yim, Webmaster, Etobicoke Kendo Iaido Club