What is Thai-style kickboxing and how does it differ from regular kickboxing?


The Thai-style is also known as Muay Thai or Thai boxing, and is the unique kickboxing style of Thailand. Muay Thai is a blend of art, science and sport. It is also a powerful ring fighting method, as well as an excellent form of physical conditioning and self-defense training.


Muay Thai is sometimes called an art of eight weapons: two fists, two elbows, two knees and two feet/shins. It combines elements of Western boxing and powerful Thai kicks, elbows and knees. A typical class will include stretching, shadow boxing, striking focus and Thai pads to train your eight weapons, as well as practice defending against your opponent's eight weapons.


Muay Thai is different from regular kickboxing in several ways. First, regular kickboxing, also known as American kickboxing, is a new sport that emerged several decades ago. It is a blend of Japanese and Korean style kicking (taken from Karate and Tae Kwon-Do) with western boxing techniques. Unlike Thai boxing, American kickboxing generally does not employ kicks to the opponent’s legs or back, nor any use of knees or elbows as offensive weapons. Another term for American kickboxing is full-contact karate.